Top 6 Fun Group Activities for Your Dallas Group Outing

It’s no secret that group outings are good for teams. They encourage bonding, reduce stress, and let people get to know their teammates on a deeper level. The right fun group activities in Dallas will take your people out of the office in order to deliver benefits that help them in the office. (Although group outings are not the same as team building events.)

So how do you choose the activity that will resonate? While keeping your company culture and your group’s personalities in mind, skim over these possibilities for ideas that will build memories and camaraderie at the same time.

1. Laser Tag

If you have an office full of Millennials, a church group, or a school group, this is one activity that is sure to get everyone excited. Encourage people in your office to team up with those they don’t work with often, or divide your youth group into teams that break up cliques. The friendly competition will help strengthen bonds between group members who normally don’t interact.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Another type of fun group outing, a scavenger hunt can encourage leadership, strategy, and teamwork. Pick a neighborhood of your city or set the boundaries within a local park and encourage members of each small team to take pictures of their findings as they go. Show them off through a slideshow when the whole group meets back up.

3. Karaoke

If you have a very extroverted group, either set up a karaoke machine in your school or church facility or take your office out to a karaoke bar. This can give your team members a chance to come out of their shell, especially if you encourage group performances. But for a more introverted group other activities might be a better fit.

4. Go Kart Racing

This is another idea with wide appeal. Nothing gets adrenaline going like racing around a go kart track, and it’s sure to set the stage for friendly competition. As long as everyone understands the safety guidelines, this is a fun group activity that will make unique memories.

5. Bowling

Simply put, if you’re not sure which activity to pick, you can’t go wrong with a couple rounds of bowling. This is another opportunity to encourage departments to intermingle or break up cliques in your youth group when creating teams. Finish off the evening with a few silly prizes for categories like highest score, lowest score, most gutter balls, or most team spirit.

6. GDX Group Outings

For an experience that’s specifically designed for bonding, Group Dynamix’s group outings provide a casual, fun environment for adult or youth groups. Through activities like Bow Tag, Minute to Win It, or Team Olympix your team will experience truly unique activities that encourage collaboration, strategy, teamwork, and of course, fun!

Any of these ideas can provide just the experience your group needs to build high quality relationships. Taking the time to create a group outing for your office, sports team, youth club, or any kind of group can help them work together closely, get along easily, and ultimately make a more effective group.


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