Popular Toys and Activities

One of our popular activities: the ropes course

Ropes Course

Dallas’ biggest and best indoor ropes course finds its home at Group Dynamix. High above our 37,752 sq. ft. team building facility hangs some of the industry’s most creative and fun high ropes challenges. Take your group on an adventure like no other as they experience rock-gripping fun and cliff-hanging challenges!

Blacklight dodgeball activity


BowTag combines the adrenaline rush of dodgeball, paintball and laser tag with the skill of traditional archery. Group Dynamix’ newest activity is quickly becoming our most favorite “tag” event. With the popularity of archery on the rise due to blockbuster films like “Hunger Games” and “The Avengers” and new TV shows like “Arrow” and “Revolution,” Group Dynamix has designed a thrilling program that involves shooting and “tagging” opponents.

Blacklight dodgeball activity

Blacklight Dodgeball

Imagine your group engaging in countless versions of dodgeball bathed in the glow of blacklights and lasers! Neon balls fly as your students enjoy friendly competition in this highly-charged setting.

Fun youth group game: gaga ball

Gaga Ball

If you love dodgeball then you’ll love Group Dynamix’ “Gaga Ball.” Played in an inflatable octagon court, Gaga Ball is a variation of dodgeball that combines dodging, striking, running and jumping with the goal of hitting other participants with a ball below the knee while avoiding being hit.

Nine square in the air group game

Nine Square in the Air

Nine Square in the Air is a huge hit at Group Dynamix. What is it? Imagine the old school playground game of 9 square combined with volleyball and you have an incredibly fun, fast-paced and addicting game for groups.

Inflatable activity

Jumping Pillow

Combine the excitement of a trampoline and the outrageous fun of inflatables, and you will have a slight understanding of all the fun and excitement of a Jumping Pillow. Student groups and their leaders love the unique inflatable fun a Group Dynamix Jumping Pillow experience provides for their groups.

Ninja Warrior Warped Wall

*NEW* Warped Wall

Popularized by the hit TV show “American Ninja Warrior,” Group Dynamix has built their very own Warped Wall. The challenger will hook into a safety line and attempt to run up the ramp and jump to the top of the 13-foot wall. Come challenge your friends and yourself to see who can make it to the top!

Inflatable Human Foosball Rental

*NEW* Inflatable Human Foosball

With our new, enormous inflatable, we supersize your fun while reliving your youth at the foosball table. Human Foosball literally allows you to “get a kick” out of the classic game of foosball on a much larger scale.  *This toy is exclusively used for off-site programs.

Inflatable Soccer Darts Rental

*NEW* Soccer Darts

While it may look like a classic dart board, this new 15-foot velcro inflatable is much bigger and much more fun. Kick the “darts” on the board and try to hit the bullseye. We have developed some amazing team challenges that makes this game even more spectacular. Show the crowd your skills and play today!

Flap Attack Ski Ball Whip-and-skip Giant Connect Four Dallas DFW

*NEW* Table Top Games

Table Games are familiar and memorable activities for groups to experience, especially during one of our lock-ins. We have compiled an entertaining series of table games such as Table Tennis, Foosball, Giant Jenga, Carpetball, Poly Pong, and our newest editions Whip-and-Skip, and Flap Attack.

Table games

*NEW*Lawn Games

Lawn Games We have developed unique and exciting ways to play some of the classic lawn games, including Giant Cornhole, Ladder Golf, Giant Connect Four, and Soccer Billiards. These can be arranged for your group to walk-up and play or as a rotation during team activities.

Pedal carts and trikes

Pedal Carts

All of us have participated in races at some point in our lives, but you never have experienced a race as exhilarating and unique as a Group Dynamix Pedal Cart. Put excitement and fun in high gear as drivers compete head to head using our high-octane pedal carts.

Crate stack game

Crate Stack

Can you meet the Crate Stack challenge? Your goal is to stack 20 crates all the way to the ceiling while sitting on top without it collapsing. Of course, each participant will wear harnesses and be attached to a belay rope, but the fear factor is still high.

Power ball and power pole

Power Ball and Power Pole

Who can resist a challenge where you shimmy up a 20-foot pole and jump to a trapeze bar hanging from the ceiling 10 feet away?” If you are so inclined, Group Dynamix’ Power Pole Challenge awaits you. Similarly, our Power Ball Challenge involves jumping from a 15-foot platform and trying to hang onto a Buoy Ball 8 to 10 feet away. Of course, each participant will wear harnesses and be attached to a belay rope.

variety of sports activities

Activities and Popular Toys

For those who love sports, Group Dynamix organizes traditional and non-traditional sports activities that can be enjoyed by athletes and non-athletes alike. Some of the options are Spikeball, Tarp and Beachball Volleyball, Basketball, Monster Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Ultimate Frisbee, Dodgebee and Whiffle Ball.

Movie theater for group movie watching

Movie Theater

Two Mega Movie Screen Theaters are available for your group to enjoy during overnight lock-ins. Bring your favorite DVD’s or pick movies from our wide selection.