Teamwork, planning, problem solving.

Group size:

12- 15 people per team


Five books, blocks or boxes. Duct tape.


1. Objective: Your company has built an underwater oil rig, unfortunately, you built it in the wrong place! Your mission is to relocate the rig one piece at a time being very careful not to damage any of the valuable components.
2. Set up: Tape three spots inside a taped-off area (10’x8′ or so), and stack a number of blocks, boxes, or in our case, five books of different sizes. The puzzle starts with the books in a neat stack in ascending order of size on one spot, the smallest at the top, thus making a conical shape.
3. Move the entire stack to another spot.
4. Only one book may be moved at a time.
5. It takes two people to move a book.
6. Each move consists of taking the upper book from one of the spots and setting onto another spot on top of the other books that may already be present on that spot.
7. No book may be placed on top of a smaller book.
8. While inside the circle you must hold your breath due to being under water. You must exit to take a breath or speak.

Processing questions:

1. Did you know the solution before you started?
2. Did you keep the end in mind?
3. What did the conversation sound like when you needed to make corrections?