Volunteering for Team Building: Everybody Wins

Volunteering is a great group activity for coworkers.

Team building is a perishable skill. All of the benefits your employees gained from a day of team building need to be maintained throughout the rest of the year, or they will be lost. Don’t let all of that hard won team building get bogged down by the day to day of office life.

There are many ways to encourage team building in the office on a regular basis, but there is no substitute for activities done outside of your normal routine. Finding the right activity for your office is key to gaining support from management and employees.

Everybody Wins

One great solution to this problem is volunteering. Having your office volunteer at a worthwhile charitable foundation or for a worthy cause can strike the right balance between corporate responsibility and employee needs. Volunteering benefits everybody: the company, the employee, the charity, and the people the charity helps.

The company increases its visibility in the community, the employee gets a boost to their resume (not that any employee would want to leave such a socially conscious, employee-centered, fun place to work), and the charity/cause get much needed manpower, supplies, or funds to continue their good work. Everybody wins.

Find the Right Cause

Building bikes for kids as a team requires cooperation!Finding a cause that all employees can support can be a bit of a challenge. Choosing the wrong event can alienate employees, cause rifts socially within the company, or drive away potential business.

Group Dynamix offers several solutions to this issue, combining team building events and charitable work on controversy-free issues. Our events focus on helping children in the local community, and we work with reputable institutions to ensure that the benefits of your company’s and your employee’s hard work are felt by those it is intended to help.

Our School Packs team building activity focuses on assembling backpacks full of school supplies for local kids. This activity is a great way to equip local children with the supplies they need to succeed in their education.

Food Share is an event designed to provide meals for the hungry. Groups participate in scavenger hunts, collecting food that will be donated to the North Texas Food Bank and Community Partners of Dallas.

Our Bikes for Kids events is one of the most popular team building activities. Here, groups compete to build bicycles that are donated to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas and Community Partners of Dallas.

Team Building and Community Building

Community outreach is good for your team and good for your business!All three of these events are focused on helping the local community while at the same time providing your office with valuable team building exercises. Team building volunteering opportunities are the perfect combination of the needs of your business, the needs of your employees, and the needs of the community. When done right, everybody wins.

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