Sometimes you need a fun competition to energize your group, kill time, or break the ice. “You Got Bumped” is a great group activity that requires no props for just such situations.

Group size:



None needed!

Directions for Playing You Got Bumped:

1. Everyone finds a partner to face off with, about 2-3 feet from each other.
2. Each person needs to get into position by making sure that both feet are firmly on the ground and that they cannot be moved.
3. The object is to “bump” the other person off balance by only hitting their open palm hands — nothing else may be touched. If a person touches their opponent anywhere other than their hands — they are out. If a person gets bumped off balance and moves a foot — they are out!
4. Winners then play other winners in the group while the losers serve as a cheer squad. Play continues until there is only one final winner.