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Team Building Tips

Since 1997 Group Dynamix has been connecting people in fun ways . In working with hundreds of group leaders, teachers, youth pastors, coaches, scout masters and various trainers, many have asked us about where we get our activities, particularly those they could do at their location. So to be helpful we, have created a free resource called Team Building Tips, a.k.a. Teaming Tips. Team Building Tips contains descriptions of group games, activities, ice breakers and team building exercises that group leaders can use with their group. We also offer free workshops where you can learn the latest and greatest games and activities that will excite and unite your group. If you are interested in coming to one of our workshops, check out our Games We Play page.

Summer Vacations Take Teamwork

Build teamwork with a family vacation!
Families are busier than ever these days. Between work, school, homework, sports, clubs, and trying to find 5 minutes of peace and quiet each week, it can be hard to even sit down to dinner together. Finding time to spend together as a family is hard to do, but it’s one of the most important things you can do. Summer vacation can provide the perfect opportunity for family bonding and for learnin....

How (and Why) to Carry Team Building Back to the Office

Bring back all the awesome team building lessons with you to the office!
Having your office participate in team building events can be a great way for coworkers to get to know each other and learn how to work more effectively as a group. These events can have a serious impact on productivity and morale if properly executed and maintained. Maintenance is the key to achieving lasting benefits. Once you’ve finished the team building exercises, all of the progress you’....

There is No Off Season: The Benefits of Year-Round Team Building

Year-round team building will keep your team going strong!
You know the feeling. After a season’s worth of early mornings, late nights, 100 degree days, practice after practice after practice… it’s all coming to an end. After all of that hard work, you finally feel like a team. And now it’s all over. The season’s ended, school’s out for the summer, and most of you won’t see each other again for months. All of the work you’ve done to come t....
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