Q: What should I bring/wear for my event at Group Dynamix?


Q: Can you come to our location?
Q: When do I need to arrive?


Q: Will my group be the only group in the building?
Q: What’s your availability? Do you have a certain date free for my event?
Q: Do I need to make a reservation?
Q: What methods of payment do you accept?
Q: Can I use my Group-On for any day of the week?
Does Group Dynamix have any age restrictions? What’s the minimum age for participants?
Q: Do you provide food and drinks for events? Do you sell food and drinks? Can I have food delivered during my event?
What is the maximum weight allowed on the ropes course?
What is Adventure Sunday? What is the difference between a private event and Adventure Sunday?
What is the cost to have a program?
Where do I park?
Is it going to be too physical?
Do I need to sign a waiver? Do you have consent or waiver forms that my group needs to fill out?
I have a participant with special needs, how should I handle that?
How do I book a program?
Q: I am bringing some of my children, there are a few underage siblings. Can they participate in everything too?
How many chaperones should I have for my group? Are adult chaperones required? Do adult chaperones have to pay?
Do you do birthday parties?
How far would Group Dynamix travel to do an off-site event?
Is it appropriate to tip my Facilitator?
Why are all of your facilitators named Francis?

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