3 Hidden Ways to to Make Your Dallas Company Picnic Fun

As the seasons shift, sunny days and warm weather signal that it’s time to get back outside. And with springtime comes a routine task for many Dallas companies: planning the annual company picnic.

Many businesses do a good job of planning their own picnics to enjoy the great outdoors and build company culture, but there are always ways to amp up the fun-sometimes in ways we’ve never considered.

Try these lesser-known tips for make your Dallas company picnic easier for you to plan and more fun for all your employees and their families to attend.

1. Find Exciting Activity Leaders

Planning outdoor activities like a three-legged race or bocce ball is the first step to injecting some fun into your company picnic. But the next step that many forget is to find leaders for these activities.

Dynamic activity leaders will not only show your employees how to play and run the game itself, but they also consciously add to the experience.

They know how to get people excited for the game and get them into the spirit to play. For each activity you choose to have at your Dallas company picnic, put in place a trained leader to facilitate and motivate your employees and their families to have fun through every activity.

2. Consider Different Age Groups

If you’re inviting your employees’ families to your event, the adult age group you’re used to working with every day will be in attendance, but so will their kids and teenagers.

To make sure that everyone at the picnic has fun, provide outdoor activities for younger children and teens like:

  • A moonbounce
  • Spoon-and-egg race
  • Beanbag toss.
  • A craft table with art supplies
  • A bubble-blowing machine

Another alternative could be setting up the picnic in a park with a playground nearby. And consider types of activities that guests of all ages could participate in so that people can have fun together as much as possible.

3. Plan Creative and Unique Activities

This point seems obvious, but in the rush to plan the company picnic on top of carrying out normal business, choosing activities that people haven’t heard of doesn’t always take priority. But taking the time to figure out uncommon ways to have fun will ensure that your employees and their families won’t get bored with yet another game of softball.

Look for activities that encourage team building, a little innovation and problem solving, and just enough rules to keep things interesting but not so many that the activity is hard to understand.

One last thing to consider is how you’ll order your company picnic. You could plan your event to follow a linear timeline of events where all the guests play the same games at the same time and get to know each other in a structured way.

But another option is to set up different types of activities to go on concurrently and allow your guests to choose which ones they want to do on their own. This allows everyone to participate at their comfort level and design their own fun day.


Planning your Dallas company picnic can encourage employees and their families to get to know each other in a relaxed environment. By designating trained leaders to facilitate activities, planning ways for guests of all ages to have fun, and choosing activities that are different from stereotypical picnic games, you’ll make your event one that employees will remember and look forward to attending every year.

Are you planning a company picnic? Check out our Group Mixer page to see the wide variety of unique indoor and outdoor activities that we can lead at your event today!