Happy New Year!

Welcome everyone and Happy New Year! We have already started out hitting our goals for this year with a new web site coming in February. Designed especially for you to distinguish between our Adult and Youth programs and Parties.

Another goal we have achieved is that we have hired a new full time “Teamologist.” His real name is Wes and Wes has been helping us facilitate groups for five years but now he has come on board to help ramp up our programs and equipment.

Even better news, since his accident Coach Mack (Stephen Mackintosh) has been in and out working on his therapy sessions and building up his strength to be able to stay all day working with us in the offices. Mack has been a breath of fresh air bringing back creativity and vision for us here at GDX. With the power of his computer and Dragon Dictation he is driving us to a higher performance as a team. Not only that but with his creativity, new things are on the rise for us and we can’t wait to share them with you. So be looking for the new toys and programs that we will have to offer in 2014 and our new website on February 1.