Larry, Moe and Curly is a fun icebreaker that helps your group to get to know each other’s names.

How you play
Groups of 20-30 sit or stand in a circle. One person stands in the middle and points to someone in the circle and says “Curly,” “Mo” or “Larry”. The person who is pointed to must respond with a name before the pointer in the middle can count out loud to three. The name the person must shout depends on what he or she was called:

“Curly”: say the name of the person on your left.
“Moe”: say your own name.
“Larry”: say the name of the person on your right.

If the person shouts the correct name, the person in the middle stays and repeats the process with someone else in the circle. If the person fails to shout the correct name, he or she changes places with the person in the middle.

After a while, you may want to add a second person to the middle. After five minutes, rotate half of each group to another group, or combine two groups and put a second person in the middle.