To play Match It, start with four to six people on a team, and pass out two cards to each person except for the last person, who will get one card. Shuffle the cards to mix them up and hand them back to each person. (See figure A)

Arrange the team in a circle around a table or standing shoulder to shoulder with one card in each hand, facing up. The objective is to rearrange the order of the cards so that each participant has matching cards. (For example, two 10s, two Kings, two 3s, and then the last person gets the Joker.) (See figure B)

The person with the Joker starts the game. This person has an empty hand and a Joker in the other. You may only pass one card at a time to an empty hand. You may only pass a card to the person to your immediate left or right. No passing across the circle.


1. Add people to the circle
2. Finish the order in sequence.


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