New Team? Work Better, Faster with Ice Breaker Games

So today’s the day: you’re meeting the new team that you’ll be leading.

Somehow, this group has got to evolve into an efficient and effective force in your company quickly, and that means gelling as a team quickly. While this mentality can’t be built overnight, you can easily jump start the process with ice breaker games.

Quality ice breaker games are more than just a way to start a meeting. They put your team on the same page faster by working in the following ways.

Warms Up The Discussion

In a room where many of the people don’t know each other yet, oftentimes communication barriers have to be broken down. Getting a head start on getting to know each other allows teams to create a sense of community that lets them work more effectively from the very beginning.

But even when the people in the team might know each other a little already, one quick exercise can get them all focused on the topic at hand and get the conversation flowing more easily than if you dove right into your meeting.

So whether the team members are complete strangers or well acquainted, a fun game can get the session and team dynamics off on the right foot.

Accelerates Collaboration

While quality introductions encourage individual members to work together sooner, actually participating in an activity is what really helps people speed up the time it takes to feel comfortable collaborating.

That’s because when they play a short game, solve a problem, or let their creative juices flow as a group, each member gets a taste of everyone else’s style and what their natural roles in the group might be.

By seeing this preview of how they might work together in the future, everyone in the team is more prepared to collaborate at a higher level and at a quicker pace.

Encourages Active Participation

If you’re having a meeting or a team building session to kick off the formation of your new team, you need everyone there to be actively engaged in whatever the main portion of the session is so it’s as productive as possible.

Ice breaker games jolt the members of your new team out of their daily routine and wake up their minds. What’s more, they enable members to invest in the initial team meeting from the outset, which incentivizes them to actively participate and see through the desired outcomes of the session.

These benefits sound great, but putting ice breaker games into practice shows how powerful they are for any team. Try the game below with your group and you’ll see what a difference they can make.

Open Up…Your Wallet

This game is easy to play and is sure to get any team comfortable and ready for a fruitful meeting or team building event.

Here’s how to play:


  • Divide the group up into smaller groups of 3 or 4 people.
  • Have them each pull out 2 or 3 personal items from their wallet. (Personal is the key word here!)
  • Ask every group member to explain why each item is personal to the small group.
  • When the time is up, ask each group if there’s a story they’d like to share. (With the individual’s permission of course.)


You can get a visual idea of the game by watching how it’s played in the video below!


This ice breaker game brings the benefits listed above and more in the following ways:


  • It sparks informal, fun conversation that gets people talking.
  • The participants quickly start the process of getting to know each other.
  • Everyone completes a simple task together, getting a preview for working together in the session ahead and in the office.
  • Participants are now engaged with the activity and with each other, making them ready to actively participate in the rest of the session.


By playing some new ice breaker games with your new team, you’ll be setting them up to work together, better and faster. Your team will start out being more comfortable with each other, their work, and the new dynamics of their group, putting them farther ahead on the road to success.

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