How it’s played?

Objective :
Challenge teams to figure out a way for their entire team to touch the ground with only their hands. A team will receive $10,000 in fantasy bucks for every hand touching the ground. Teams can’t use walls or any other object to support themselves other than other team members. They should be able to lock their arm in a one-armed push up for the $10,000.

For round two teams can earn an additional $10,000 bucks for every pushup a group can successfully accomplish.

Other variations: Instead of a pushup see how far a group can move just using their arms.

Best Solution:
Have the team form a circle in the push-up position so they can place their feet on the shoulders of the person behind them. This way, when someone does a push-up, they are lifting themselves and the feet of their neighbor.

You might notice that certain team members may have a difficult time doing the pushup. The instructions say that a team can earn points for every GROUP that successfully accomplishes a pushup. Meaning a team can divide themselves into smaller groups to help with their success.