Why You Should Have Your Team Building Event in the Summer

From spring blossom to winter holidays, every season has its charms and every season is a good time for strengthening team bonds. But if we had to pick the best time to have a team building event, summer would win by a long shot.

Summer is the perfect environment for creating connections.  We break down the mechanisms at work that make June, July, and August the sweet spot of the calendar for bringing your staff together.

Re-engage Employees

During the warmer months, it’s easy for employees to stare out the windows into a hazy blue sky and daydream about barbecues, swimming, and vacations. In fact, a 2012 study found that in summer, productivity plunges 20 percent, attendance drops 19 percent, project completion times go up by 13 percent, and worker distraction increases by 45 percent.

Getting out of the office to play some games and reinforce bonds re-engages employees and helps counter these trends. Purposeful activities motivate everyone to recommit themselves to their other teammates and to the company’s goals.

The Timing is Right

While the social calendar is full during summer, it’s still a little less hectic than the rest of the year. Kids are out of school, the holidays are still months away, people come and go from vacation, and the crunch to finish the year on a high note still hasn’t hit.

A little extra free time means your employees will be more inclined to schedule in a team building event in the summer around their other work duties and give their full attention to the activities.

Build Bonds Easier

Summer brings a certain mood that everyone is familiar with:  casual, fun, and worry-free.

This general atmosphere can help put your employees into the right mindset to create and reinforce bonds, break down barriers to connection and communication, and become a more cohesive group within your organization.

Embrace the Season

When the long days of summer beckon, sometimes it just makes sense to embrace them. If you’re going to take time to enjoy the season (and you definitely should!) it pays to make that time productive by boosting performance and innovation by spending time together as a team. As a bonus, you’ll also provide the psychological benefit to your employees that they haven’t been cooped up all summer long.

It’s true that team building during any month of the year still reaps benefits like better productivity and collaboration. But summer primes employees for team building activities so that they derive as much benefit as possible from the activities all while having fun.

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