Big Data

Big data is a term used by organizations that describes a large volume of information that inundates them on a day-to-day basis. Organizations collect this information so that it can be reviewed for insights that lead to better decisions and strategic moves. The challenge is how well do teams work together as they share and use this information, and ultimately, what decisions do they make that increase their effectiveness and abilities as a team?

The Big Data program is designed around the concept of information collection and its use, and the fundamental teamwork skills necessary for teams to successfully share, analyze and use data to improve their teams’ performance.

The program includes interactive activities where several teams, each doing their own activity, have a limited amount of time to achieve their highest score. The scores are collected and charted for all to see. Teams then rotate to a new activity with the information in hand. How will they perform? Will they do better than the previous team? It hinges on the process of sharing between activities involving collaboration, communication and other teamwork skills.

Our program focuses on these key elements of teamwork:

  • Contribution and cooperation
  • Openly sharing information
  • Productive communication and collaboration
  • Coordination of each other’s’ strengths
  • Pursuit of common goals
  • Shared commitment to collective performance

Guided by our skilled facilitators, groups experience teamwork firsthand and make discoveries about themselves and their current teamwork skills. Followed by a light debrief, members share their discoveries and explore ways to improve their teamwork.