Transform your company’s traditional end-of-the-year employee gathering into a fun, memorable and unifying event! Break free from “same-ol’-same-ol’” holiday parties and year-end celebrations, and choose one of our highly entertaining holiday events or give back to the community in a fun way with a charity event. Either way the holiday season is the perfect time to call the most creative supplier of fun group events in the Dallas-Fort Worth area – Group Dynamix!

Charity Events

Bring the joy of “giving back to the community” to your group, organization or company. Group Dynamix offers different packages that support several local charities during times they need your support most. Our programs benefit groups such as the Community Partners of Dallas, the North Texas Food Bank, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas. Charity Event options include but are not limited to:

School Pack

Build your team while building backpacks with much needed supplies for schools and students in this charity event packed with fun and goodwill. Read more. 

Bikes for Kids

Enjoy the thrill and fun of a group outing combined with the heart of charitable giving by building new bikes for disadvantaged kids. Read More

Community Food Share

Join the campaign to end hunger in America while promoting teamwork, camaraderie and team spirit in your company or organization. Read more


Holiday Events

Come enjoy a truly unique group party at an exhilaratingly fun setting for your holiday event that really emphasizes the spirit of the season – sharing a memorable time in good company with fun activities that can be enjoyed by all. Our Holiday Event options include but are not limited to:

Reindeer Games

Everyone is welcome to play in our Reindeer Games. Enjoy our fun assortment of unusual games and challenges this holiday season.

Winter Games

Enjoy the thrill of victory and fun during this spirited event that is like our Team Olympix program only cooler. Non-athletic but competitive.

Jack Frost Challenge

Put a little cheer in your holiday event while engaging in fast-paced “Minute to Win It” type games and challenges with a seasonal flavor.

Other options

Group Dynamix is the most creative supplier of fun group events in the Dallas-Fort Worth area! We offer themed programs that can be held in almost any location including Group Dynamix’s 37,752 sq. ft. program center in Carrollton, TX. Other holiday options include:
Bow Tag
• Black Light Dodge Ball
• A high ropes course that enables up to 120 participants to navigate 29 “up in air” elements at the same time.

Want More Details? Give us a call at  (972) 416-9646